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An introduction to the different causal frameworks in neuroimaging

S Weichwald
Causality Tutorial, PRNI, 2017
  • PRNI Tutorial 2017 / pdf

How to obtain causal hypotheses from neuroimaging studies?

S Weichwald
Symposium "What Neuroimaging Can Tell Us? From Correlation to Causation and Cognitive Ontologies", OHBM, 2016
  • OHBM Symposium 2016 / pdf
Main reference: Causal interpretation rules for encoding and decoding models in neuroimaging, NeuroImage, 2015.

Recovery of non-linear cause-effect relationships from linearly mixed neuroimaging data

S Weichwald, A Gretton, B Schölkopf, M Grosse-Wentrup
International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI), 2016
  • PRNI Workshop, June 2016 / pdf
arXiv / code / doi / pdf

Causal interpretation rules for encoding and decoding models in neuroimaging

S Weichwald, T Meyer, O Özdenizci, B Schölkopf, T Ball, M Grosse-Wentrup
NeuroImage, 110:4859, 2015
  • UAI Workshop "Advances in Causal Inference", July 2015 / pdf
  • FMRIB Analysis Group, Oxford University, July 2015 / pdf
  • Poldrack Lab, Stanford University, September 2015 / pdf
  • LIINC, Columbia University, October 2015 / pdf
arXiv / doi / explainer video (5 min)
pdf / tutorial video (35 min)
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